Handshake over desk

Time to smash an interview

Harriet Webster CV & Interview Tips

You have been invited to an interview for a job you really want – so how are you going to prove yourself?

Preparation is key (fail to prepare = prepare to fail)

  • Research the company – read their website, understand their values, look at their goals
  • Understand the job requirements so you can give relevant work examples and draw from your CV
  • Check if you need to take your passport / right to work documents to the interview
  • Ensure you know where you are going, check parking facilities if required, and remember who to ask for on arrival
  • Always allow a bit of extra time for unforeseen delays such as heavy traffic

Questions and examples of work

  • This is the time to demonstrate how suitable you are for the role – have work examples ready that are relevant to the job
  • Practice some likely questions (around behaviour, approach, work style)
  • Think of some interesting questions to ask either during or at the end of the interview – perhaps around culture, what to expect, the teams, company aspirations, future plans
  • Keep your answers to the point – try not to waffle but give enough detail – if you’re not sure whether you have covered the point, just ask

First impressions

  • It is extremely important to arrive on time, if not a little earlier than required – not a good start if you are late!
  • Dress smartly (unless advised otherwise)
  • Give a firm handshake, smile and maintain eye contact
  • Be honest throughout the interview – you will get caught out if you lie, a lot of employers take references nowadays
  • Remain focused, interested, enthusiastic and polite at all times – don’t swear during the interview, it may be seen as unprofessional

Remember your motivation for finding a new job, without badmouthing your current employer