Connect with Inter-vention


Inter-vention has decided to have a bit of a revamp when it comes to social media - we have changed a couple of things in order to create more of an online presence & to keep in touch with more of you...

First of all, we have updated our website - www.inter-vention.co.uk - different design, different layout, different content. On our new website, you will now be able to view our current vacancies in & around Yorkshire, read our blog posts and gain some tips on interviews & writing your CV.

LinkedIn - we think this is such a great tool for networking so our official company page is now up & running. Similar to our website, you can find active roles on there along with posts & links to our blogs. Follow our page at here.

Twitter - we now have a centralised Twitter page for Inter-vention @interventionIT, follow us on there for tweets about jobs, recruitment, local networking events - we will follow you back!


We would like to network with lots of you & be more involved with social media - please give us a follow, tweet us, like our page & who knows, perhaps we will work together in the future!!