Using Agile Outside of Software Development


Who knew that simple Lego demonstrations could illustrate so excellently how agile can transform slow and labour-intensive projects into collaborative, productive ones.

The evening started with an initial overview from Aaron Penwill on what Agile really is, and how he has utilised it to help streamline organisations through his consultancy MSP Leadership. 

After completing a waterfall based Lego session, we were then allowed to adapt the task to allow us to utilise agile and productivity went through the roof! 

After a brief intermission of sandwiches, cake, fruit and drinks; we continued the evening with presentations from Michael Belcher and Andrew Dodsworth of TSP Projects and Balfour Beatty. Great presentations all round, especially Andrew who conducted an Ignite slideshow, allowing only 15 seconds per slide for 20 slides.   

Thanks to Aaron Penwill who led the presentations and demo, Michael, Andrew and to the host Dan Auld of NHS Digital, who was extremely welcoming.