The Power of the Network Effect


When you think of networking, what do you imagine? For most people, it brings back memories of standing nervously around strangers asking their name and what they do for a living? 

Well, Zandra Moore – CEO of Panintelligence -  has honed her skills of networking and has it down to a fine art. She led this Harrogate Digital event with a thought-provoking and inspiring presentation, touching on topics like how she became CEO of a software company, and how important role models are (Spoiler: Zandra’s is her mum.)

Following her presentation, Zandra split us up into groups where we introduced ourselves to our fellow group members. Periodically, Zandra would stop the group (by standing on a footstool) to give us tips and tricks on how to engage better with individuals and the group. She highlighted the benefits of asking open questions, finding common ground, and not forgetting to ask the all-important what can you do for me and vice versa. (The real reason why we actually go networking). Zandra’s networking technique was blissfully simple, yet so effective. 

Thanks to Zandra for a great evening, and also for this hilarious photo!