Celebrating Failure – PMI & Agile in Leeds

Harriet Webster Blog

On Tuesday 24th July, Inter-vention sponsored a fab event held at Infinity Works in Leeds centre, which brought Agile in Leeds and the PMI together to ‘celebrate failure’.

A fun and interactive session enabled the speaker, Louise Elliott, Head of Technology at Sky to engage with the attendees where we all shared ideas, expressed opinions and learnt from each other.

In her presentations, Louise covered:

  • Real life stories of different attitudes to failure and their outcomes
  • How to get really good at failure
  • What is ‘safe to fail’ and experimentation?
  • What is meant by celebrating failure and why would we want to do it?

We all took part in a workshop where we were in small teams and we had to determine what our ‘buyers’ wanted through designing snowflakes – we were given coins, scissors and paper to do this. The idea was to fail, and fail again to get us closer to pleasing the buyers and selling our products. It taught us to celebrate failure – and to do it quickly!!

Overall, it was a great event which allowed creativity and networking, bringing together two different communities.