How to write a great cover letter...

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I need an amazing elevator pitch… where do I start?!
Ok, so you’ve come across a job you really want and then you discover that you need to write a cover letter – the panic sets in and you wonder how you are going to ‘sell your skills’, grab their attention and ensure your application stands out!
First things first, you have the passion already because you want the job, we just need to succinctly articulate why they should take you through their recruitment process.
So, the burning question is ‘why you’? What exactly do you have to offer that is so good they are going to interview you? 
  • Is it your background and wealth of experience?
  • Is it your approach to work?
  • Is it a successful project you have had a huge impact on?
Then we need to get the specifics in – detail why you are suitable based on their job advert, but make it personal and fun, let’s see some personality in there – that’ll help you stand out against the other applicants.
It’s also important you have researched the company so you can tailor your pitch depending on who you are applying to, plus it shows you have a genuine interest in the company. Move away from writing generic elevator pitches that you can attach to every application – take some time to ensure it is relevant for each role.
Once the cover letter is done, your CV can do the rest… need some extra pointers on the perfect CV? Have a look at our tips HERE.