How football training is like recruitment

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After a brilliant away day at Newcastle United training ground watching Rafa run his training session, it occurred to us that there are many similarities in the way the team train to achieve success, with how we work as a team at Inter-vention.

Communication – number 1 !! During the training session, there was constant communication -  talking (shouting!), advising, guiding, positioning and listening to each other, which meant they could find the best tactics to produce the desired results. We pride ourselves on working as a team, sharing ideas, collaborating, play to each other’s strengths and weaknesses to increase our knowledge and skills. Communicating with candidates, clients and contacts all day.

Lessons learnt – where do we start? When something doesn’t work with their process, they switch it up and try alternatives.  Players in different positions, mixing up their set pieces, changing players.  We would do the same! If something in our recruitment process isn’t hitting the mark, we learn from it and find a better way. We take on board constructive criticism. We work in an Agile way so that changes can be made immediately.

Team work – the ability to identify individual strengths within a team, to be a winning team. They strategically place players to best suit their skills and importantly the opponents that they face to counteract their opponents strengths. The same in recruitment! We make the most of our strengths to ensure we are delivering a consistent service with the right team member doing the right things at the right time (and beat the competition to the elusive candidate).

Love them or knock them, Newcastle United are still in the premiership and have one of the biggest and most loyal fan bases in the country.  They engender a team spirit and pull together when times are tough.  Through thick and thin Inter-vention has weathered the storms for the last ten years to dig deep and source great candidates across Yorkshire.