Communication is at least a two way street

Suzanne Clarke Blog, IT

The other day I saw a post on LinkedIn from a recruiter.  They were posing the question that if they had no feedback from their client, should they report to the candidate that they have no feedback or just leave the candidate waiting.
My team and I would prefer to go back to the candidate to say that we haven’t got any feedback but it made me think about the wider situation. There are three lines of responsibility / professional courtesy here.
1. We as recruiters have an obligation to keep our candidates informed at all stages of the process, whether we receive promised communications or not.
2. Our clients have an obligation to give us (the candidates) feedback.  Candidates have often taken precious annual leave to attend one or more interviews. It’s too easy for the client to forget how much it matters to the candidates. Also easy to forget that candidates know other candidates who the client may be interested in the future (we all know bad news travels fast).  It is very easy for the client to damage its own reputation by not communicating.
3. The candidates themselves may complain that they don’t ever hear from a recruiter with feedback, and yet how often do they disappear once they’ve started in the process.
Remember to treat each party as you would like to be treated yourself. Aside from being common courtesy, you never know when your path will cross with someone in the future. 
Communication needs to be open and honest by all parties, candidate, clients and recruiters for everyone to get the best experience.