Remote working en España

Harriet Webster Blog, IT

Following a successful start to the year, we decided to pack our bags and head to Spain to experience remote working.

We are very fortunate that technology is so great and enables us to do the day job anywhere in the world. This has allowed us to take flexible working to a whole new level, which obviously we are a huge fan of.

It has been the ideal opportunity for team building whilst enjoying the Spanish sunshine. We have bonded further as a team which is incredibly important, we have been more creative in a brand new environment and we have brought fresh ideas to the way we work, keeping things interesting. Alongside this we have continued to provide an excellent service to our clients and candidates who had no idea we were away, apart from the international dial tone…

It has been a fab week away in the sun, we have adapted to something new and been very productive. We feel remote working is an excellent way to boost employee morale, experience a different culture and make employees feel even more valued and trusted.

I wonder where we will go next?!